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Rubber Materail (Compound) Processing Machinery

  • Two Roll Rubber Calender

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    Two Roll Rubber Calender

    Application: This Unit to be used for rubber compound sheeting, textiles rubberized, steel cord fabric rubberized, rubber billet pressure type, film laminating ply tire and paste isolation film etc. Also used in many types of plastic film calendering, leather, wallpaper,...Read More

  • Internal Mixer

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    Internal Mixer

    Application: This machine is mainly used for rubber Plasticating and Mixing; It is can also be used in kneaded plastics , asphalt, linoleum materials, ceramic materials and various synthetic resin material etcs. Technical Feature:Read More

  • Two Roll Mixing Mill

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    Two Roll Mixing Mill

    Application: This machine aims to rubber warming, sheeting, breaking,refining, plasticating and mixing etc. Technical Feature:Read More

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Qingdao Judong Industry Co.,Ltd is one of the top level rubber materail (compound) processing machinery manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale advanced rubber materail (compound) processing machinery from our factory, and check the price with us.
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Internal Mixer
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