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cross cutting and splicing for short fabric rubberized sheet

  • Fabric Core Conveyor Belt Production Machinery

    Contact NowFabric Core Conveyor Belt Production MachineryWith over 40 years experience in Rubber Industry, YADONG GROUP has been the expert for presses and plants for the production of flat sheet material and molded products. Experience, innovation and expert knowledge also characterize the presses and plants for the rubber industry. Next to planning,...Read More

  • Cross Cuter And Splicing For Short Fiber Rubber Sheet

    Contact NowCross Cuter And Splicing For Short Fiber Rubber SheetApplication: This machine is used for cutting and splicing in 90 degree of short fiber rubber sheet automated. Then the sheet will be used for Drive Belt Sleeve (Poly V-belt Sleeve, V Ribbed Belt Sleeve, Synchronous Belt Sleeve and Multi rib V Belt Sleeve etc) Building . Parameter: - Width of sheet : Max.1100mm - Thickness range of rubber sheet : 0.6-2.0 mm - Sheet width after splicing : Max.600mm. - Splicing deviation: ± 4mm. - Cutting speed : 12 - 14...Read More

  • Rubber Gasket Cutting Machine

    Contact NowRubber Gasket Cutting MachineAPPLICATION: This machine is mainly used for cuting molding of various and silicon and soft PVC pipe into pieces gasket/washer according to required size. With the cutting operation precision of 0.01mm, reset precision of 0.01mm, cutting product deviation ± 0.03mm and cutting surface roughness...Read More

  • Rubber Bladder / Curing Airbag/ Rubber Sleeve Cutting Machine

    Contact NowRubber Bladder / Curing Airbag/ Rubber Sleeve Cutting MachineApplication: This kind cutting machine mainly used for cutting both ends of Rubber Bladder (Rubber Airbag) as per specific angle range 0-90Degree according to user's particular demand. Then Rubber bladder (Rubber Airbag) can be used for holding and vulcanizing (curing) Power belt sleeve...Read More

  • Wide Rubber Sheet Extrusion & Calendering Production Line

    Contact NowWide Rubber Sheet Extrusion & Calendering Production LineApplication: Mainly used in all kinds of continuous extrusion production of thin rubber sheets such as radial tire air layer, the inner liner of bias tire, buffer layer, isolation layer, waterproofing materials, anti-corrosion lining, and conveyor belt cover rubber sheet. Features: This kind...Read More

  • V Belt (Sleeve)  / Timing Belt (Sleeve) Cutting Machine

    Contact NowV Belt (Sleeve) / Timing Belt (Sleeve) Cutting MachineApplication: This unit is sepcial design for cutting whole timing belt sleeve (Ribbed V-belt Sleeve, V belt Sleeve etc drive belt sleeve) into pieces individual belts automated according to required size. Features: - The servo motor control the vibration angle which is record automatically, thus the problem of vibration when cutting is solved. - The motor is...Read More

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