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V Belt Machine

  • Poly V Belt Rib / Profile Grinding Machine

    Contact NowPoly V Belt Rib / Profile Grinding MachineApplication: This machine is used for grinding exact profile(rib) for cogged v-belt, ribbed v-belt and banded v-belt automated. Features: - When the grinding wheel is working , there are cooling blowing and cooling water to remove the grinding scrape. - The grinding speed can be adjusted at any time which...Read More

  • Forming Mold (Molding Drum) For V Belt | Timing Belt

    Contact NowForming Mold (Molding Drum) For V Belt | Timing BeltApplication: The Building Drum Mold for building up (forming |shaping) and vulcanizing V-belt sleeves. Technical Data: V-belt inside length: 600-2500mm (Standard Values) Effective drum length: 1000mm Material: Steel Surface: Smooth or Toothed (Cogged) (Chromium - Plated) Compressed Air: 6 Bars....Read More

  • V Belt  Logo  Marking  Machine

    Contact NowV Belt Logo Marking MachineApplication: This machine is used for thermo (heating ) / Printering / labeling the belt mark / Company Logo / Belt Number on the surface of belt drum (sleeve) automated according to demand required. Parameter: -Applied Belt: This unit is maily used for mark labeling for Timing belt , can be...Read More

  • Timing Belt Sleeve Grinding /Polishing Machine

    Contact NowTiming Belt Sleeve Grinding /Polishing MachineApplication: This machine is aims to grinding belt sleeve backside surface according to specific requirement. Feature: - The thickness of two end belt sleeve can be controlled by parameter compensation. The operator can adjust at any time to solve the thickness for two end which can gurantee the...Read More

  • Autoclave For Synchronous Belt / V belt

    Contact NowAutoclave For Synchronous Belt / V beltApplication: This unit is mainly used for Vulcanize | Cure the drive belt (V-Belt, Timing Belt,Ribbed V-belt etc) sleeve after molding. Features: - Vertical hydraulic or Pneumatic cycling, Cover-lifting, Cover-rotary, Vertical hydraulic or Pneumatic cycling, Cover-opening. - The piping system and the electrical system are designed by focusing on the...Read More

  • Grinding Wheel & Grooving Wheel For V-Belt /  V Ribbed Belt

    Contact NowGrinding Wheel & Grooving Wheel For V-Belt / V Ribbed BeltFaster cutting | Better finishes | Less heat | Longer use life We manufacture high quality grinding wheel/ pulley for grinding and shaping power transmission belt (V-belt, Poly V-belt, Raw edge V-belt etc). Rough grinding , finish grinding, texturing , profiling and grooving rubber belt. With...Read More

  • Cross Cuter And Splicing For Short Fiber Rubber Sheet

    Contact NowCross Cuter And Splicing For Short Fiber Rubber SheetApplication: This machine is used for cutting and splicing in 90 degree of short fiber rubber sheet automated. Then the sheet will be used for Drive Belt Sleeve (Poly V-belt Sleeve, V Ribbed Belt Sleeve, Synchronous Belt Sleeve and Multi rib V Belt Sleeve etc) Building . Parameter: - Width of sheet : Max.1100mm - Thickness range of rubber sheet : 0.6-2.0 mm - Sheet width after splicing : Max.600mm. - Splicing deviation: ± 4mm. - Cutting speed : 12 - 14...Read More

  • V Belt (Sleeve)  / Timing Belt (Sleeve) Cutting Machine

    Contact NowV Belt (Sleeve) / Timing Belt (Sleeve) Cutting MachineApplication: This unit is sepcial design for cutting whole timing belt sleeve (Ribbed V-belt Sleeve, V belt Sleeve etc drive belt sleeve) into pieces individual belts automated according to required size. Features: - The servo motor control the vibration angle which is record automatically, thus the problem of vibration when cutting is solved. - The motor is...Read More

  • Fatigue Test Machine For TIMING BELT & POLY V-BELT

    Contact NowFatigue Test Machine For TIMING BELT & POLY V-BELTApplication: This unit is used for testing Fatigue life of Timing Belt and Poly V-belt at specified condition (Temperature, Revolution,Bending , Tension etc. ) Standard For Reference Only: (The actual parameter of testing unit be subject to the client's requirement) - GB/T 18183-2000 - ISO...Read More

  • Timing Belt Building Machine

    Contact NowTiming Belt Building MachineFor building timing belt sleeve, poly-v belt sleeve (ribbed- v belt sleeve) and V-belt sleeve automated etc . power transmission belt.Read More

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