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Rubber injection molding machine
Nov 24, 2016

Our company specializes in producing rubber injection molding machine, fabric rope conveyor belt production machine, poly V-ribbed grinder and other products and a variety of sealed rubber products. Widely used in construction machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, mining, chemical, shipbuilding, automotive and other industries. Rubber injection molding machine, rubber molded products is a technology. Mainly used for the production of rubber molded products, such as electrical insulation parts, at home and abroad has been a wide range of applications.

The main features of rubber injection molding machine:

1. To simplify the process, can achieve rapid vulcanization of rubber products at high temperature and shorten the production cycle;

2. The product size is accurate, physical and mechanical properties uniform, high quality, thick-walled products is particularly suitable for molding curing; 3. Easy to operate, reduce labor intensity, mechanization and high degree of automation; injection molding machine and its institutions are more complex, Investment, maintenance and higher level requirements, and more for the production of large quantities of molded products.

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