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Rubber Gaskets Use Standard And Production Methods
Aug 08, 2017

Rubber gasket application:

     Rubber gasket is widely used in automotive,  electronics, chemical, anti-static, fire-retardant, food, all kinds of machinery  and equipment industries, can play a cushion, sealing, cushioning and so  on.


Rubber gasket use standard:

     Give full play to the characteristics of various  gaskets, rubber gasket in the use, should give full consideration to the  following factors:
      Have good  flexibility and recovery, can adapt to pressure changes and temperature  fluctuations have appropriate flexibility, with the contact surface is a good  fit;
      Do not pollute the process  medium;
      Low temperature does not  harden, shrinkage is small;
      Processing performance is good, easy to install,  compact;
      Do not stick the sealing  surface, easy to disassemble.  


Rubber gasket production methods:

      Rubber gasket is molded, but also cutting,  molding is the use of hydraulic molding machine and die from the cut is cut out  using a gasket cutting machine, compared to the mold material, but relatively  simple, a pair of mold Can only do a  gasket, gasket cutting machine can cut in the 1500mm range of any size cutting,  but the utilization of the plate is not very high.

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