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Roll Speed Ratio And Rolling Processes, Material Properties
Feb 25, 2016

1) for the removal of bubbles in the glue, generally feeding roller has a ratio, often 1:1.1~1:1.5, use 1:1.1~1:1.4. Small value soft rubber compound.

2) Eraser work for compound into textiles, rubberized rollers required ratios. Greater the ratio, the greater the shear force, better eraser, but speed too much damage to the fabric of strength, easy to make rubber scorch. Speed ratio is too small and poor penetration of the rubber compound. General 1:1.2~1:1.5, use 1:1.4~1:1.5.

3) for operations such as sheeting, laminating, coating, pressure due to requests made, general use speed rolling, ratio of 1:1.

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