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Rubber Compounding Mill / Rubber Mixing Mill
Feb 24, 2017

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  1. Mainly used for thermal refining, sheeting, plasticating and mixing of the rubber

  2. Structure and features:

    1. Roller material is vanadium-titanium alloy chilled cast iron, with hard and abrasion-resistant surface, roller structure: hole drilling style or hollow style is used for heating or cooling to make even temperature for the roller surface

    2. Transmission device uses harden gear speed reducer, compact structure, efficient transmission, low noise

    3. Roller adopts self-aligning bearing, low energy consumption, easy to maintain, long lifespan

    4. With hydraulic and electrical reverse braking device, you can just press the switch when urgent accident happens and machine will immediately brake or reverse, safe and reliable

    5. Lubricating system adopts the circulation lubrication type as an organic whole, seal structure with special design, saving the oil leaked

    6. Load test running will be made to the assembled equipment in our company to save debugging time for the customers

  3. About our company:

    1. Specialized in supplying rubber machinery: such as conveying belt molding machine series, batch off cooling machine series, cushion cloth renovating machine series, open mixing mill series, vulcanizing press series, rubber cutting machine series, rubber slitting machine series, longitudinal cutting machine series, conveyer belt machine series

  4. We can also design and manufacture various non-standard products according to users; requirements 

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